Monday, August 1, 2011

Packaging Design - 8 essentials for a good packaging

The role of packaging is becoming more important in building a strong brand and identity. Packaging is not only a protective effect, describe and recommend products, but it also contains many factors that affect customers and determining their purchase choice. To always be the number one choice of customers before the competition, what are key elements in building the success factors in the design of the packaging?

Based on factors affecting consumers when choosing and comparing the same products we refer to the following eight basic elements in choosing a good packaging design: 1.Su Coordinator consistent with: This is a standard core of packaging success. Consistent coordination is to show the style of a brand. Color, texture, wallpaper is the factors that helped to identify the brand image several times faster, and help customers to remember the individual characteristics of the product, although they can buy goods at different stores. A product may change the color of the packaging in stages to the appeal, but it must follow the principle of consistency in the brand identification products. 2.Su impressive:When giving gifts to someone else, then the gift expresses respect for the recipient. A beautiful gift wrapped and cared first and foremost has caused a good first impression for the recipient, whether inside the gift did not know how. Packaging of products, too, design and packaging has also shown to be a part of the product inside the packaging. The impression is particularly meaningful for the advanced packaging for luxury products. The design of packaging for expensive items will require a carefully selected material to color the design. Through which reflect the "class" of buyers. 3.Su Highlights: On a shelf is not only our products but also have other products of the same type of competition. So the highlight is a very important factor to make a difference. Designers must understand that the product will be consumers compare and review a series of products with many styles and colors vary. And to be able to compete, designers have to how their products will be a highlight among a variety of other products. To do this requires that the manufacturer had to research the market carefully positioned steps from the first product to build a brand identity system efficiency. Creative ability will also help design the package to avoid the familiar path to the boredom of the packaging market. 4.Su interesting: In some sectors, particularly in cosmetics, packaging must show a compelling, charismatic, impression and emphasize the characteristics of the product. Packaging in this sector can be considered as part of the product to create added value for customers. Products designed for men packaging must indicate the masculine, the product is different for women with sexy soft lines. 5.Su purpose: Packaging that is typically only Consider using the finished product and then quit, very wasteful. So in today's competitive people often seek to add value used for packaging. These seemingly minor details will sometimes be a major competitive advantage of products than its competitors. Packaging lotion today often have more hooks to hang in the bathroom convenient, slim shape is easy to grip. Lid of the bottle of Comfort fabric softener can add functionality to the measure used. Candy tin box with a luxury and when exhausted can use boxes tinh.Tat both these components makes the product becomes more common and more relevant in the daily lives of consumers. 6 . Protection: It is the packaging is always a function of protecting the product inside. But not without the packaging did not see the importance of this function. Packaging must be designed and how to protect the product inside a safe. It is preferred to use sealed container or vacuum to make products to last longer. Packaging for food and beverages must meet the standards required to ensure product quality. 7.Su complete: This factor helps to design suitable packaging products its inner and conditions of use of such products. Packaging must be suitable for hanging or display on store shelves, can be easily placed in cardboard boxes. Packaging for food in the fridge have to be fit and not waste space .. But writing for children different than any other adult pen. Pen to other shirt grip on the pen kept in pairs. A lot of factors that customers should be interested designers to consider carefully to create a complete package to avoid any unnecessary flaws. Will have the choice to emphasize the convenience, the prominence or the versatility to create the finished product. 8.Su perceived by the senses: A good package to attract good sense of consumer products through the gaze, scrutiny and touch the product. We often pay little attention to consumers' sense of touch that usually insist on eye-catching elements. But the touch has an important role in the perception of size, product structure, packing material and thus affect the product quality review. We can not ignore the factors in these factors as it will lose a small advantage over competitors. The application of these factors are also required to learn skills and needs of customers towards. Determine what needs and wants of consumers for a product for packaging products will help to orient and design are faster and more efficiently.

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